Privacy Policy

Welcome to the VEGANLAND Privacy Policy. The policy illuminates our criteria of collecting, storing, protecting, and sharing data and with whom we share it. 

By downloading and installing our Application, you agree that you understand our policy, and you authorize us to collect, process, store, transfer, and use your personal data as described in this Policy. Therefore, we advise you to read our policy carefully and understand our TOS.

1. Scope

The meanings of all the terms starting with a capital letter are defined in the TOS.

2. Processing manager

The data collected is processed by Vegan Tomorrow, a French company (Société par Actions Simplifiée) with paid-in capital of 175,000 €, registered at the Bordeaux R.C.S. (trade and companies registry) under no. 887 711 307, and owner and sole operator of the VEGANLAND application and trademark. 

The company is represented by its CEO, Nicolas Saiget.

VEGANLAND is particularly committed to protect your personal data and respect your privacy. The aim of our privacy policy (besides our document on the use of cookies and our TOS and any other document it refers to) is to share with you the knowledge of how we collect and process the data you share with us when you use the VEGANLAND Application and services. We request you to read this document prudently to understand how we collect, process, and use your personal data, and also to understand your rights. 

This Privacy Policy relates to all Services published and offered by VEGANLAND (except for the services provided and managed by third parties, in which case, the third party’s privacy policy applies). 

3. Information we collect

VEGANLAND collects and processes personal data of the Member when the Member uses the VEGANLAND Application or contact the VEGANLAND. It includes the data which the Member has shared directly with us or data we collect automatically from the Members when using the Application. 

By joining VEGANLAND, you enter into a legal agreement with us, and you authorize us to process your data to enable us to offer you our services according to the terms that are in the agreement. To become a member of VEGANLAND and enjoy its services, you must be aged 18 years or above, or you must have attained the age of majority in your country of residence if the majority age that country is above 18 years.

Joining the VEGANLAND community is an online process which requires you to complete an online registration form, where you are supposed to provide us with personal details such as name, gender, date of birth, email address, your location details, your diet, and personal presentation.

You also have the chance to provide other details about yourself, although these are optional. You can have access to your details by visiting your “profile page“ at any time since you have the control of your user profile, and correct or update details (other than your email address and gender) by just logging in to VEGANLAND. If you wish to change the details about gender on your profile, you can contact VEGANLAND’s Customer Support via email address. 

Members are advised to exercise caution when posting sensitive personal data on their profile, including religious beliefs and health details. You may voluntarily share sensitive data such as sexual preferences and ethnic background when creating your profile, although it is not a requirement to post such details. Also, you should be careful when posting photographs and video clips on the Application in case they contain sensitive personal data. 

By choosing to upload and share your personal on VEGANLAND Application you are explicitly consenting to our processing and sharing of your data with other Members. We require users to verify their accounts and might ask for your phone number to ensure your safety and privacy, as well as ensure you have the best possible user experience. We have to ensure you are not a robot and prevent sham VEGANLAND Accounts, which could undermine the VEGANLAND community. 

For account authentication, we use a third-party provider who will keep your phone number for up to 90 days for fraud detection purposes. We collect and use your phone number on the basis of our legitimate interests identified above and for the deterring of fraud.

It is your obligation to keep the details of your Account up to date. If you change relevant details such as phone number, please ensure that you update your Account by adding the current data.

VEGANLAND collects and processes data relating to your registration and your interactions with VEGANLAND. 

In order to help you understand how your data is used in the Application, we specified whether the information is “public” (visible by other Members) or “private” (not visible by other Members).

3.1.1. Registration data 

 Compulsory information

This refers to the main data essential for you to register and access VEGANLAND services.

The VEGANLAND collects data using various methods based on the type of registration you wish to make. 

VEGANLAND can collect data from Facebook through Facebook Connect to reduce the formalities (using the procedure selected during registration). By clicking on the “Facebook Connect,” you allow Facebook to share your personal data with us. 

Additionally, you can register using a cell phone number, in which case you will be obligated to send your data directly to VEGANLAND. 

This data relates to your identity.

Your identification data: 

The VEGANLAND collects the following data regardless of whether the Member is registering using Facebook Connect or cell phone number:

Member first name (public);

Age of the Member (public); the age of the Member as construed from their date of birth will be visible to other VEGANLAND members. If the Member wishes to conceal their age they must subscribe to the option;

Your diet (public);

Your date of birth (private);

Your gender (private);

Your photographs (public); At least two photos are obtained from the public profile photos of Member’s Facebook account or cell phone: The Member can remove their photos and/or add other photos to their Account from their Facebook account or smartphone. 

Profile description (public): you are invited to share any personal details in the space provided for this purpose. These additional details will appear to VEGANLAND Members. 

Your description is a free text area, and VEGANLAND discourages the Members from sharing any information they consider sensitive with other Members of VEGANLAND via the Application. 

Sensitive data refers to data that is legally categorized as “sensitive” under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To be more precise, it entails personal details relating to race or ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical principles or affiliation with a union, information about health, sexual life, or sexual preferences (“Sensitive Data”). Nevertheless, if a Member opts to share such information on their profile, the Member who shared it is deemed to have “clearly made public” such information as per the GDPR. 

Depending on the type of registration the VEGANLAND collects the following data;

By Facebook Connect: your last name (private);

By cell phone number: your telephone number (private).

Depending on the registration method, this information is compulsory for the provision of the Services. VEGANLAND will not be able to provide the Services offered in the Application, and you cannot create an Account if you are unable to share this information. 

Optional Information 

You may add more information to your profile to improve its appearance. This information is optional, and you are solely liable for it. You can include this information directly to your Profile on the Application or import from Facebook by synchronizing your Account via Facebook Connect. The optional data may include the following: 

Professional career and education (public): Profession or studies;

 Personal interests (public): Personal preferences, hobbies; 

 Email address or telephone number when such information is not compulsory for registration (private):

When registering by cell phone is not mandatory to provide an email address, and when registering via Facebook connect, it is compulsory to add your telephone number or email address.

However, it may be necessary to share this information with VEGANLAND to enhance communication. 

3.1.2. Data relating to interactions with VEGANLAND

VEGANLAND will collect your data whenever you interact with our customer or support services, report a claim relating to out our services, ask for assistance, when you share your experience of our services, give testimonies, or answer our questionnaires, take part in a survey or exercise your personal data rights. The personal data collected depending on the case involved, the VEGANLAND collects the following personal data from the Member: 

Data involving reports and requests sent to the VEGANLAND customer service (private): Such as date and time of the report, nature, and purpose of the report, data concerning the reported user. 

The VEGANLAND collects this information you contact our customer service for assistance, exercise your rights over personal data, and/or report an issue or another user. Such information is essential when handling reports or responding to your requests. Handling requests or answering of questions would not be possible without this information. The processing of this information occurs a claim is made against you. 

VEGANLAND has a legal duty to collect reports from its Members whenever is issue is brought to its attention involving contents or conducts that are likely to violate its TOS.

3.2 Data we collect automatically

VEGANLAND may collect information on Members’ activities on the Application whenever they use Application services and features including;

Activity data (private) (such as registration date, last connection, interactions with Members and third-party accounts, number of transactions, etc.).

VEGANLAND collects and process features and information on the usage of Application whenever you access and use our Services. VEGANLAND has the mandate to collect and process data relating to the use of Application Services. The VEGANLAND cannot provide the Services related to the Application without this data. 

To be precise, the VEGANLAND collect data regarding your registration date, last connection, the nature and number of transactions with other Members (such as Likes or Matches), third-party accounts linked to your Account (such as Instagram), or the number of dealings executed (purchasing Seeds or subscriptions). 

 Geolocation Information

When you use your mobile with geolocation features turned on, If you turn these features on, VEGANLAND will collect data about the access point of the Wi-Fi, longitude and latitude details of your location, and may obtain device’s coordinates enable it to provide you with particular features. Geolocation data helps us to recognize your physical location and may enable us to personalize your App and make it easier for you to connect with other Members close to your location.

If you wish to disable an active location feature on your device, you can do so using the following methods:

iPhone app: Go to settings, privacy, location services, VEGANLAND

Android: Go to settings, location, VEGANLAND, permissions, location

Sending and receiving text messages (private)

The VEGANLAND’s servers store copies of sent and received messages to enable it to offer better services to its Members and allowing Members with Matches to have a conversation. 

All messages are strictly private and only relate to the Members concerned. The official managers of VEGANLAND have no authority to assess Members’ conversations. VEGANLAND does not share these messages with third parties except under court order and/or in compliance with relevant legislative or regulatory requirements. Consequently, messages shared on this Application are strictly confidential and are not available to other members who are not part of the conversation or to a third party. 

Search preferences – Include those people you would be interested to view their profile (age and gender) (private)

The Application allows you to create search preferences by age and gender. You can adjust the search preferences in the Application settings and create custom range of the age, and allow the VEGANLAND to collect and process your data, select the gender of people you are searching, enabling your profile to be matched exclusively with the profile of people who meets your search criteria. 

Technical data of the cell phone (such as IP, mobile ID, application version, etc.) (private) 

VEGANLAND collects data from the digital devices and equipment that Members use to access Application services. This data includes server logs, which may include details of the IP addresses, application version, model of your cell phone, mobile ID, language used, operating system, application crashes, and advertisement ID. Data may be collected with cookies (please refer to our document on the Use of Cookies to understand more about our cookies). 

Transaction Data: VEGANLAND is not involved in the collection or processing of any data relating to banking details. Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store are responsible for collecting payment details and do not share data relating to payment or financial data to mobile Applications. VEGANLAND has no intention of changing the processing of collecting and processing payment information. VEGANLAND exchanges only technical data with Apple Sore or Google Play Store, and such data does not give VEGANLAND your identity and is used to authenticate transactions (for example, a transaction number).

4. How do we use your data?

4.1. Supply of services and features based on our TOS

Creating and managing your Account as a Member:

Creation of your profile,

Registration, deregistration, deactivation of your Member profile.

Management of parameters and preferences,

Management of subscriptions,

Management of access to the Services offered by VEGANLAND,

Help and technical support to Members,

Management and storage of messages shared between Members (Messages, Likes, Seeds).

Disseminating details relating to the Services or your communications with other Members (notifications).

Legal basis: Execution of the contract

The data collected by VEGANLAND is supposed to ensure the Application is functioning smoothly and to play its contractual role of providing Services to Members according to the service contract biding the two parties (TOS).

4.2. Proposing appropriate offers and contents (marketing and advertisements)

Sending promotional messages or contents:

Send the VEGANLAND newsletter by email.

Distribute marketing contents and advertisements associated with VEGANLAND offers and services on the application and by emails.

Conducting marketing and advertisement activities outside of the Application: VEGANLAND conducts marketing advertising activities outside its Application using third-party sites, social network, and third-party Applications to determine profiles that could match your profile and identify people who could be interested in our Services. 

VEGANLAND transmits encrypted data such as your first and last names, email address, telephone number, postcode, country, and mobile advertisement ID to websites, applications, and social networks in order to find similar profiles. Your profile is never disclosed to these other related profiles. These similar profiles of non-Members can only see the VEGANLAND advertisement on websites, social networks, and third-party applications.

Legal basis: Legitimate interest

This processing depends on the VEGANLAND’s legitimate interest to share its offers and provide information about its services to third-party websites. You can unsubscribe for this service to stop receiving emails from VEGANLAND at any time by clicking on the “Click here” link on the email the emails you receive. 

Broadcasting of advertisements for products and services of VEGANLAND and their partners on the VEGANLAND Application. These advertisements are targeted on the basis of your age, gender, and location (non-specific, only by the city concerned).

Legal basis: Execution of the contract

This process is necessary to enhance the execution of the contract between VEGANLAND and the Member because the broadcasting of these advertisements establishes the counterpart of using the Application.

4.4. Modifying and enhancing our services and our understanding of how you use them

 We modify and augment the VEGANLAND services, our understanding of how Members use the services and the way of using the Services through:

Statistical studies.

Satisfaction survey.

Scrutinizing of how Members use of Application and Services. 

4.5. Guaranteeing the security of your personal data

 Identifying and scrutinizing fraudulent activities to detect and prevent infringement of security of the Services. 

Legal basis: Legitimate interest 

This processing depends on VEGANLAND’s legal interest in ensuring the safety of its Application and the data it processes. 

4.6. Preventing and combating illegal or unauthorized activities (violation of the TOS) and conforming with legal requirements

 Investigating and processing reports of falsified/harmful activities.

 Dealing with illicit conduct and cautioning, suspending, terminating, or closing the Member’s Account.

 Handling of Members’ plea to exercise control over their data,

Legal basis: Legal obligation

These processes are exercised in conformity with VEGANLAND’s legal responsibility, as a data host, to get rid of illegal content from the Application as soon as they recognize it (Article 6 of the French Trust in the Digital Economy Act [Loi pour la Confiance dans l’Économie Numérique] of 21 June 2004) and on its commitment to respond to Members requests to exercise control over their personal data (Articles 12 to 22 of GDPR). 

 Detecting or averting dishonest behaviour:

Involves automated investigation profile data, Application events, and photos of Members to identify false profiles, deceitful conduct, or activities that violate TOS.

Legal basis: Legitimate concerns

This processing is based on VEGANLAND’s legitimate interest to prevent and stop deceitful activities that may be performed on its Services. You can contact us at any time to object to its use. Nevertheless, VEGANLAND may continue the processing if it has a legitimate and convincing reasons to justify its action.

5. Cookies 

To gain knowledge of how we use cookies, we advise you to visit our website and read our document about the Use of Cookies 

6. Data sharing

Only specific employees from the customer services department and authorized managers of VEGANLAND are allowed to process Members’ personal data for the purposes described above. These employees and managers have limited access to data essential for them to perform their duties.

Approved and reliable service providers and partners who may access and/or process Members’ personal data must comply with the Privacy Policy, and guarantee security and privacy of the Members’ personal data. These service providers support our operations and improve our Services, including the following;

Data hosting;

Recognition and deterrence of fraud and deceit;

Investigations, investigations, and statistics;

The use of the Application and/or the appropriate functioning of the Application;

Provision of essential help to Members;

Management of reports;

Marketing and advertising to manage vital offers, messages, and content to VEGANLAND Members and non-Members.

The marketing and advertising operations intended for non-members outside the Application involve the transmission of your data to third-party sites, social networks, and third-party applications unless you object to such practices.

Additionally, VEGANLAND may transmit Member’s personal data at the request of state bodies, specifically the judicial authorities, in compliance with legal requirements.

Finally, the VEGANLAND may be required to share personal data of its Members to support corporate processes, which include, but are not limited to, restructuring the company, a change in control of the company, a merger, an acquisition, a transfer, or a termination of the company.

7. Transfer of Personal Data outside the EU

The Members personal data handled by the Application is hosted in the European Union.

However, to enable Member support, report management, advertising, and marketing, the Member’s personal data can be relocated to VEGANLAND subcontractors situated outside the European Union. 

Companies located in the United States, which receive personal data from VEGANLAND, observe the EU-US Privacy Shield. The European Commission has acknowledged the adequacy of the level of privacy and security this mechanism provides to personal data.

However, transfers of data outside may involve some countries in which the European Union has not established its adequacy concerning its level of security and protection provided to personal data. VEGANLAND guarantees its Members that conditions under which transfers are made provide a high level of confidentiality and security of the data and sufficient protection in compliance with regulations. These transfers are administered under standard contractual clauses of the European Commission. 

8. Exercising your rights over your Data

Your rights

Every Member has a right to access, correct, and a right to data portability and removal of their personal data, right to object to or restrict processing of their personal data, and the right to decide how their personal data should be handled the personal data after their death as stipulated in the French Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978 (Loi Informatique et Libertés, 78-17), and the GDPR. VEGANLAND is committed to respecting the safety of personal data and timely processing of requests in its endeavour to handle concerns of its Members. 

Exercising your rights

Members may exercise their rights, subject to provision of proving of identity, by sending an email to [email protected], by directly exercising their rights through the Application, or by sending a letter to the following postal address: For the attention of the Data Protection Officer, Vegan Tomorrow – 87 Quai des Queyries Bordeaux – France.

In case of any other claim, Member are encouraged to contact the national authority in charge of data protection.

Description of rights

 Members have the right to access, which allows them to ask VEGANLAND for data related to personal identity in an accessible format, according to stipulations of Article 39 of the French Data Protection Act and Article 15 of the GDPR. The Member has a right to access their personal data only and not data of a third party because their right to access should not violate the privacy of a third party (for example, you can only receive information about the messages that you have sent, but not for messages received).

 The Member’s right to correct allows them to request the VEGANLAND to corrects, add, updates or remove a section of personal data which they consider as erroneous, inadequate, vague, obsolete, or whose use, sharing or storage is forbidden under Article 40 of the French Data Protection Act and Article 16 of the GDPR. You can alter or correct some data directly on the Application by visiting your profile and making changes directly in the sections “My photos,” “Work and Education (employment, Employer, School),” and “About Me.” to modify your first name, age, or gender for an Account you registered via Facebook Connect, go to your Facebook page and update the “About me – contact and basic info” section of your profile. To correct personal data on Account registered by cell phone number, you must send an email or contact customer support at the addresses provided above, with a request to change your first name, age, or gender. 

 The right to data portability gives Member a chance to have the personal data they shared with VEGANLAND, in an organized, universally accepted format, readable on a machine, and to transfer them to another processing entity, in conformity with Article 20 of the GDPR. 

 The right to contest allows the Member to prevent VEGANLAND from processing and to use personal data for commercial canvassing at their will and no cost based on VEGANLAND’s legitimate interest, in compliance with Article 38 of the French Data Protection Act and Article 21 of the GDPR. For processing based on legitimate interest, VEGANLAND retains the option to substantiate authentic and convincing reasons to continue processing. 

 The right to delete allows Member the power to demand the removal of data transmitted to VEGANLAND, at no cost and the Member’s will, within the restrictions of the rights of Article 17 of the GDPR. You can close your Account using the corresponding feature on the Application. You will notification from the VEGANLAND Application affirming that all your data will be deleted from the Application. Nevertheless, VEGANLAND has a legal duty to retain your personal as the host for two years under Article 6-II) of the French Trust in the Digital Economy Act no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004. Your data will be archived and kept away from our production databases and can only be used in compliance with court order. After two-years VEGANLAND will permanently delete your personal data. 

The right to limitation empowers Members to restrict the VEGANLAND from processing of their data in compliance with conditions established by Article 18 of GDPR. Additionally, it allows Member to establish rules that will determine retention, deletion and communication of their personal data after death of the Member in accordance with Article 40-1 of the French Data Protection Act.

Exercising these rights may only be possible within the borders of VEGANLAND resources since it is interconnected to the use of Facebook Connect. Some data transferred from Facebook Connect to VEGANLAND cannot be modified without the input from Facebook.

9. How long will we keep your data?

VEGANLAND will store the Member’s data for as long as is necessary to enable the Member use his or her Account. This is to say: 

 The VEGANLAND shall keep data throughout the Member’s registration period and an additional two years. After two years of idleness on the Account, VEGANLAND shall delete the Account, but shall retain the data for another year after which the Member’s data shall be deleted permanently. 

An account is considered dormant when Member’s Application has not established connection with the VEGANLAND’s server for various reasons (including due to disabling of geolocation process); and consequently the Member has not used the Application.

 The Account of a Premium Member shall not be treated as inactive in any case. The VEGANLAND reserves legal duty to retain personal data of some of its Members’ for a duration of two years owing to its status as a hosting provider as stated in Article 6, II of the French Trust in the Digital Economy Act (Loi pour la Confiance dans l’Économie Numérique) of 21 June 2004.

The Member’s personal data shall be deleted from the Application when the member deletes their Account or requests the Customer Service to delete personal data from his/her Application. In this case, VEGANLAND shall store the Member’s data in a separate archive for two years and then delete the personal data permanently thereafter to enable the VEGANLAND to fulfil its mandate of providing hosting services.

After two years of Account, being dormant, the VEGANLAND shall retain Member’s email address for two years for the purpose of commercial canvassing. However, the Members email will not be used for commercial canvassing in case the Member deletes his or her Account. 

VEGANLAND is committed to protecting all the data stored in the Application and will do everything within its control to ensure the security of the stored data. Nevertheless, Members have a responsibility for taking any necessary measures to protect personal data. 

10. Personal data of minors

VEGANLAND does not allow minors to open Application or collect data, store, process, and share data of minors. In case a Member lies their age by indicating the wrong date of birth in order to present themselves as adults, the parents of the minor should notify the VEGANLAND via an email with a request for the removal of the minor’s data. VEGANLAND shall terminate the Account and delete related to the minor as soon as possible after discovering the truth.

11. Contact 

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, or any other request concerning your personal data, you can contact us:

    By sending an e-mail at hello [@]

    By sending a letter to the following address: for the attention of the Data Protection Officer, Vegan Tomorrow – 87 Quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux – France.