Safety Tips

We want you to have fun, but please read carefully the following recommendations. It’s for your own safety and well-being!

  • Private Info

We’re just going to say this once: DON’T PUBLICLY SHARE ANY PRIVATE INFORMATION, YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE’S. And even privately, think well before you do it. Ask your friends if they agree he/she seems a good guy/girl. You’ve been warned!

  • Money

Look, this one is b-a-s-i-c. This is not 1990, you’re not logging in a huge computer and ready to believe everything you’re told. Stay vigilant and don’t give your money to anyone, not even if they are trying to make you believe they will use it to save 1357 homeless dogs. It’s probably a lie. (Obviously, don’t ask for their money either).

  • Report

Please, please, please report all bad behavior. We are not Big Brother; we don’t have eyes everywhere. Help us get rid of bullies!

  • Health and Safety

1. Always get to know the person before meeting them (which also includes getting into their car). Not all vegans are as cool as us (shocking, we know!!!).

2. Organize the first dates in public places. If something feels off, just leave (don’t forget to pay tho!). Be sure that you will be able to leave whenever you want.

3. Let a friend know where you will be and keep your phone with you.

4. Know your own limits and be careful of what you ingest. Which basically translates into: Watch out for your drinks (and also watch out for that milk powder plague)!

5. If you are LGBTQ+, be careful with your trips. Check local laws when traveling to an unfamiliar location and find out what types of legal protection (if any) are available to you based on your sexual orientation. In case you find yourself in a high-risk area, we advise you to switch off the app. Unfortunately, some countries still live in the past century.

6. Communication is everything. All sexual activity must begin with mutual consent and you must stop if you or your partner are feeling uncomfortable or are under the influence (of something else that is not love). No one owes you anything nor you to them!

7. In case it’s a match in real life too, enjoy. But enjoy with your head on your shoulders. Use protection (you know what we mean!!!) and in case of doubt, test yourself. Not all STIs have symptoms, and it is best not to bury your head in the sand. Be honest with yourself and your partner(s)!